31 January 2009

San Francisco Holga

Here are some photos I have been working on.



30 January 2009

29 January 2009

a little box of treasures

new air plants

since becoming homeowners for the first time and moving from san francisco to berkeley we have been really busy working on our new place that needed LOTS of love! so here are a few pictures of what we have been doing for the past three months: (this was actually halloween and i thought it would be fun to put this tape up. little did i know since the house was abandoned for 2 years we scared some kids away.....

the madness begins....

we thought this would be the worst, but the worst was yet to come



the floors. first day done. very early morning. i couldn't believe it!

next project: kitchen. here you can still see the old floors. like 4 or 5 layers of linoleum, disgusting carpet everywhere else....eek!

linoleum finally gone

hallway, now!

kitchen, before
(hi sadie)

kitchen, before we begin taking it out

high cabinets removed

the good (before the very bad before the good again)

base cabinets going, going, gone

this was awful, we had the kitchen like this for about 2 months! panic

then, like this for about 3 weeks. no sink! hello compostable plates. i definitely had major anxiety.

the kitchen today is coming along nicely! still need to do adjustments to cabinets. we are also putting a tile backsplash and worn wood open shelving! Lovely!

this is the other corner of the kitchen. the grease caked on to this wall was insanely gross. i just had to walk by and pretend it didn't exist. they had the fridge in the family room but we would be relocating it to this corner in the kitchen alas.

the fridge finally in it's rightful place! the kitchen!

here are the pendant lights we will be installing in the kitchen. hopefully this weekend!!

on to the family room. these beastly flourscent lights were in here. not only were they an eyesore but man you should here the sound put off by those! we also said goodbye to the fake wood paneling. We actually lived in this room for about 2 months....it was the most safe place in the house.

here is the soon to be family room sans paneling

goodbye paneling. sorry to say we will not miss you.

we also had the flourscent lighting taken out and the ceiling patched!

note the fridge still in the family room....

the family room today, still need to do some minor patching and then we can finally hang stuff on the walls!

on to the guest room.....before

and now. still needs paint and wall things....

And there you are! A long way to go still but coming along.....

28 January 2009

Goodbye DOMINO. I will miss you......