29 April 2011

Friday, I'm in Love

Oh sweet weekend, how do I love thee.  Let us laugh and be merry and frolic in the sun. I can't wait to spend it with you!

27 April 2011

Wednesday's Photo

A busy week here, more photos soon to follow.  I am happily welcoming some warm weather with wide open arms!

23 April 2011

Sketchbook Project

My sister has been asking me about the results of my sketchbook project so I thought I would share a little bit of that here today.  I had some difficulty with the sketchbook as I took on the project.  The paper of the moleskines is so incredibly thin that it was not suited to the vision I had for the project.  I struggled to keep the images from seeping in to one another and as a final result had to do a lot of pencil drawings and a lot less watercolor and gouache. Keep in mind this is definitely a "sketch" book and not completed pieces of work.   I hope you enjoy some of these images from my book!

(ps- The dancing quote is not mine and I'm not sure of the source...)

22 April 2011

Happy Weekend

I sure am glad the weekend is here.  I am hoping to get some projects completed, see a movie, get some fresh air, take some photos, put some quarters in a jukebox, and have brunch (one of my favorite weekend activities) among other things.  Hopefully we can make it out to one of my favorite places!  These pictures are from Flora. We finally got a chance to go to their brunch a couple of weekends ago.  I loved the beautiful art deco building and the crisp white linens, beautiful silver serving sets, and fresh delicious food! Fancy!

17 April 2011

Catching Up

I realized that I barely posted any pictures of our days in Amsterdam.  Expect a few more sprinkled in here and there!  I spent the weekend hanging things on walls and more rearranging.  I also watched the entire Mildred Pierce mini series in one sitting. I stayed up until 4am one night!  I'll have some pictures of all the rearranging I did soon....

10 April 2011

A Fleeting Moment

When I took Sadie out for a very quick pit stop I looked down and saw this beautiful little petal in the grass.  I took some pictures right away but had no idea how quickly it would change.  A few hours later the color was quickly fading and becoming one solid pale golden color. I'm so happy I took the pictures when I did or I would have missed the magic!

09 April 2011

05 April 2011

On Land

While we were out we also stumbled around this cute little seaside town.

03 April 2011

And Sea

It was so much fun to watch these surfers do their thing in the ocean.  They were so incredibly talented and all their crazy tricks and unique styles were so inspiring (yes, that one guy is surfing backwards).  Next time I'm hoping that sweet picnic spot is open....

02 April 2011

A Preview

It was a beautiful Saturday, I took a ton of pictures but am too tired to select them tonight, so a small preview for now and more to come tomorrow.  Off to sleepland I go....


Sunshine!!! It's here at last!  It's the first sunny Saturday in weeks and California is ripe for exploring!  I'm off to take some pictures, get some fresh air and bask in the glorious sun!! Be back soon with new pictures, and this time I mean it!!