28 June 2011

Before and (Almost) After

You might remember this project from a long long time ago but if not you can see where we started here.  For the past two!! years we have been saving this with the intention of finishing it.  We had applied paint stripper a while back and this weekend Michael finished scraping the rest of the paint off and we primed the wood with an indoor/outdoor primer.  I was inspired by one of my favorite necklaces (top photo) that broke a while back (another project for another day!).  I have always loved the colors and simplicity of it.  We had a ton of leftover paint samples and so we decided to put them to good use.  Considering this is for our backyard we thought it would be fun to do something a little more colorful and fun.  We still have to build the back part and get some pillows and it will be good to go! I'll be sure to post photos when the project is complete but for now I thought some colors would  help to brighten up our rainy day here in Northern California.

25 June 2011

Penelope and Paloma

My two beautiful nieces came and stayed with us recently and I got to have a little photo session with them!  They were only here for a couple of days but we had a lot of fun together.  Last time I saw Paloma she was sleeping a lot more so it was fun to play with her and see her and Penelope interacting.  I hope I get to see them soon again....

19 June 2011

Saturday Adventures

A picnic on the beach, playing on the driftwood, some fun stops here and there and a butterscotch malt to finish! Perfect.

16 June 2011


If I could keep just one pair of shoes forever, these would be the ones.  Perfect color, perfectly beat up. Perfect shoe.

14 June 2011

Found In Oakland

That's all!

11 June 2011

Paris By Night

I recently saw Midnight in Paris and it reminded me I had many photos I had not posted yet.  In my wildest dreams could I go to the Paris of that movie....Bonne nuit!

05 June 2011

City Walk

Here are some glimpses from a beautiful day in the city! Plus, I was super excited to contribute photos to this fun story!