17 October 2010

Place de Vosges

An early morning walk.



16 October 2010


slowly, pictures will start to trickle in...



10 October 2010

Back from Paris!

the trip was very magical with many special moments. i have so many pictures to share, but this may be one of my favorites, the beautiful denni from chicmuse.  i will be posting many more soon once i have organized myself.  for now it is some laundry and fighting a very bad cold i picked up on my last day there...a bientôt!


01 October 2010

Oh Mon Dieu!

I sure am having a hard time keeping up here!  We had a surprise visit from my sister over the weekend and tomorrow morning we are off on an adventure to the City of Lights!!!  I can hardly wait!  I will surely be updating when I return if not sooner!!!  For now I am off to slumber and dream of adventures to come....
Screen shot 2010-10-01 at 12.19.47 AM
Photo via Lolita.  Photographer Unknown.