30 August 2009

Scala by Horst Glasker

I love these stairs found through Poppytalk! They are located in Wuppertal, Germany and are by German artist Horst Glasker. Each word on the steps describes different aspects of human relationships. I was looking up more images of the stairs and also came across an image of the stairs pre-paint from 1978! What a difference the vibrant colors of the steps makes! I would love to be able to walk up or down a flight of steps like this in my daily life.

I also found both of these images of a different project on the artist's website. I love this one as well!!

Red Trio



Can this be real? I really think he thought he was a baby boy...


23 August 2009


I am so excited! I just got a new camera! My first new camera in a few years and it is a dream. I was a true skeptic about artistic photos in digital for a very long time and have slowly (over the past few years) been warming up to it. It helps that this camera is a dream and has all the qualities of some of my other film cameras yet all in one neat little package and old fashioned metal body. This sweet little camera will definitely keep me occupied until i get one of those big hitting pro SLR's!


12 August 2009

10 August 2009

03 August 2009

Bicycle with Pink and Yellow


Seydou Keita

I am a huge fan of photographer Seydou Keita, an "amateur" portrait photographer from Bamako, Mali. Back in the day when I used to live in the hills of Southwest Virginia studying Art I used to spend many a day and hour at the Virginia Tech Art and Architecture Library. They had THE best collection of art books I have ever seen. They had a few different volumes of Seydou Keita's work that I would check out and bring home to feast my eyes on for many an hour. I have been looking for some books ever since and his work has definitely served as a great inspiration to me. All images by Seydou Keita.

India Flint

I am absolutely in love with the work of textile artist India Flint. I came across her work a few months ago in an issue of Selvedge. She refers to herself as a botanical alchemist. She dyes cloth using plants and water and makes the most dreamy pieces of work. Check out her work if you get a chance....