19 November 2012

Spotted In The Mission


Somewhere in between Half Moon Bay and Pacifica....





High Chairs

Look who got high chairs!  Hard to believe but these little guys are ready to expand their palettes!  So far they have tried sweet potatoes, bananas (a favorite), avocado (not a favorite), squash, and hopefully tomorrow some pears!  Oh, and Jasper has two! teeth!

Dia De Los Muertos

We managed to get to the Dia de Los Muertos altars in the Mission.  We stayed until it got dark and then I made a special feather for Sadie for this amazing sculpture. The pastels glowed gorgeously on the matte black paper.    There were hundreds of people creating so many beautiful feathers to add to the bird.  We didn't get a chance to go back and see the sculpture after it was filled with feathers but it was getting there quickly. The pictures don't do it justice because you can't really tell the scale but it was a lot bigger than it looks in the photo.  This was definitely my favorite altar; what a brilliant idea!


I have a few small updates from the past month coming up in the next few posts.  Then I will hopefully have their six month post ready!  I can't believe they are already six months old!  Here are a few from their first Halloween.  I sewed them some little garden gnome costumes the night before (since that's all the time I had).  I used a little onesie for measurement.  Oops, they came out a little small since I didn't account for the stretching of said onesie once it's on baby.....