28 January 2010

Seeing Red

RED, it's calling my name.

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photo: christina diaz

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photos: (l+r) christina diaz

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Heinold's First and Last Chance Bar

The other night Michael and I found this little bar when we were out exploring for a quiet place out of the way. Well, this place definitely fit the bill. The night we went it was perfectly cold and foggy and we even got a little lost trying to find it. The moment we stepped into the place it felt quite magical. The floor immediately slopes downward and the bar and stools sit on the tilt as well. I think after a few beers it all starts to feel quite normal! The place is teeny tiny holding only 3 tables, some standing room and a few bar seats. There is so much character and history in this little place, it's really quite special. When I went back to photograph it the bartender was so nice he even gave me homemade treats to give to Sadie. I can't wait to go back, it will have to be cold and foggy and I will have an Irish Coffee...




Lucky Find!

This was my lucky find last week!! I found it on the sidewalk! I couldn't believe my luck.... it just needed a little rewiring which was done at Omega Too just down the road from us. I loooove it and can't wait to find a good spot for it.


Wall Composition

I just put these up a few days ago but with all the gloomy weather it has been hard to get a shot. Finally for a little bit yesterday some sun streamed in and I got a quick pic:


26 January 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Here are some more icy winter shots and this is Sadie's famous wolf puppy curl up when it's cold outside!

possible bloggers2

wolf puppy


20 January 2010

Thank you Cafe Habana!

I am sooo excited, I just had to share! I found this on the awesomest Cafe Habana blog! Thank you so much Cafe Habana!!

Screen shot 2010-01-20 at 1.36.42 PM


It's been pouring rain here for the past few days. I guess we always need rain, but I will definitely be looking forward to a little sun break....


15 January 2010



I Heart Hundertwasser

Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000) was an Austrian born painter, architect, environmentalist, and activist. (I am obviously obsessed with early 20th Century Austrian art/artists)! He is widely known for his architecture and vibrant, organic paintings. He lived by the mantra that the straight line was "evil" and much preferred a beautiful organic line in buildings as well as paintings. He was well known for his Mouldiness Manifesto in which he stated that any renter should have the right to extend his arm out his window and chip at the facade and paint and create a space within arm's reach out the window that would let the inhabited publicly declare that "someone lives there who is different from the imprisoned, enslaved, standardised man who lives next door." Quite a unique concept!!

Hundertwasser was a strong believer in incorporating living plants into the architecture as well insisting on plants on rooftops and plants growing out of windows. Some ideas for his buildings included uneven floors and irregular windows and said for these reasons the buildings would be constructed quicker due to the fact that the workers liked working there. He found the workers to be interested in creating unique spaces and in turn did not feel like robots. Hundertwasser was really incorporating freedom of life into every aspect that went into the building. He had many architectural concepts he developed. One that I would have loved to see developed was his model of a green motorway. Pictures of these models are also included below. As well as pictures of his living roof house in New Zealand a land that he felt deeply connected to and considered to be his true home. I think Hundertwasser was way ahead of his time, and just right for ours. He was a true visionary.












Text and images compiled from different sources but mostly Wikipedia and Taschen.

13 January 2010

Flowers for Wednesday

Is this a flower or a plant? Either way I love them....


10 January 2010

Dreaming of Picasso

I had a dream that I met Picasso last night, it must have been the fever. But there I was walking down a cobblestoned alley when my mother signaled me to come into this mysterious doorway. Once I stepped into the doorway I was in an enormous space dedicated to the life of Picasso. A display of his hand in the art world which he extended into every crevice. And there sitting to the side was Picasso himself, smiling. I peered over at him as I didn't want to gawk but inside my jaw was dropping and my heart was racing, PICASSO! He smiled and waved me over to say hello....

Screen shot 2010-01-10 at 11.44.20 AM

Top photograph by the great Irving Penn.
Bottom set I am sorry to say I do not have photo credits for these, I will update when I get more information.

John Robshaw Textiles

John Robshaw is one of my favorite textile designers. I love the feeling I get of far away places, traveling, and daydreaming from his textiles. He uses traditional techniques and skilled artisans to fulfill his visions. He has been inspired by his travels and the studying of various traditional printing methods. He likes the textiles to have a human touch and I think they certainly do. Here are some images from his website. The upholstered pieces are a collaboration between John Derian's furniture made by Cisco Brothers covered with John Robshaw fabrics. There are also several images of his colorful bedding and dhurries. The set of square "tiles" are actually swatches of his linen blend fabrics. I would love to have some curtains made out of those gorgeous fabrics! The portrait is from this month's House Beautiful and is by the incredibly talented Jessica Antola. Enjoy!




Marais USA

I would also like to express my love for these beautiful shoes by Marais USA. The company was started by two friends Catherine Chen & Haley Boyd in 2007. The shoes are reasonably priced and come in a lovely array of colors. Visit their website if you get a chance, it is filled with beautiful photos.

All images in this post are courtesy of Marais USA.