30 April 2009

Hello again! Some new updates to our housey! My mom and dad were in town for about a week and they helped michael and i tremendously!! We mainly worked on the kitchen. The improvements that were done have made a huge difference to the overall appearance. i have included some before pictures of the door jamb without molding, the window jamb, also without molding and the wall pre-tile. My dad is responsible for that beautiful tile work! meanwhile, my mom and i painted the ceiling. it was a terrible glossy white and now is a beautiful matte white. i will include pictures of that once we have the pendant lights in place. hopefully that will be soon. michael worked on cutting the doorjamb with my dad and also made many tile cuts. we also had time for a delicious dinner sunday night with my parents and some friends. thank you to michael and my mom who did all the cooking. my job was acting sous chef to the two. check out these beautiful vocados we had for guac! check out dad having an icy cold guinness and mom prepping the fruit for some housemade sangria, delish!! All that is left in the kitchen now is some touch up painting, some open shelving we are going to install over the tile and voila! finito!! thank you sooooo much mom and dad! xoxo oh and let's not leave little sadie out who acted as supervisor extraordinaire! kiss!

20 April 2009

So here are some pictures of the new living room color. It was hard to get a good shot that showed the color accurately but it gives a good idea. Also note the beautiful bentwood chair I scored at the flea market the other day! I have been looking for just this forever! Now if only I could find 3 more....

04 April 2009

check out these most spectacular images!!! isn't it absolutely beautiful?!! They are aerial views of the tulip fields in Northern Netherlands! i would love to be there! HAPPY SPRING!!!!

all images courtesy of the daily mail