30 July 2011

Breakfast Love

As you can probably tell if you have been around here more than once I think it's pretty safe to say that breakfast is my favorite way to start the weekend.  This morning we had a lovely and simple one and now I'm officially ready to go! Enjoy your weekend!

29 July 2011

Foreign Cinema

Welcome to Foreign Cinema!  We had brunch at this beautiful spot last weekend and I'm all ready for round two.   I had been to their bar, Laszlo, a few times before and always had such a great time so I was excited to finally check out the restaurant.  Walk down a red carpet and you are transported to a beautiful industrial space with just the right amount of warm accents.  They change their menu on a daily basis with the exception of a few items.  Everything we had was delicious, from their strawberry basil "pop tart" to the delicious french toast with strawberry lime butter.  Our drinks were delicious and the service and presentation was perfect.  Next up, dinner?

22 July 2011

Happy Friday

It was a fast and very busy week!  I'm looking forward to working on some projects and doing a little exploring.  Hope you get to do some too.   Here are a couple of stories I took photos for this week:

A Monday night crop swap and Berkeley corner stores.

Bonne Nuit!

20 July 2011

Night Fog

As we walked higher and higher in to the hills the fog got thicker and thicker and and the trees were magical as night and fog fell upon them.  They reminded me of underwater sealife.

16 July 2011

Evening-Part 2

These are all shots from the other evening when we came across the empty playground.  As we made our way through the Berkeley Hills we were so surprised to come across these huge rock gardens all over the place, they were spectacular and grand. We then entered a park that resembled an ewok village with lots of little paths high above a ravine and spotted a beautiful amphitheater down below.  We walked down quiet winding roads with beautiful old homes that made us feel like we were walking down a european  back road.  Towards the end we came across this path were someone had stapled all these beautiful poems to a fence.  Some were incredibly sad, some very beautiful. Here is an excerpt from A Color of the Sky by poet Tony Hoagland:

"Last summer's song is making a comeback on the radio,
and on the highway overpass,
the only metaphysical vandal in America has written
in big black spray paint letters,
which makes us wonder if Time loves Memory back."

PS- For all the locals out there did you feel that earthquake last night!?  Pretty powerful, it felt like our whole house was jolted!

Also I want to say a big huge Thank you to Tobe from Because It's Awesome for loving our little bench project, check out her awesome blog here!
Also want to thank  ohdeedoh! We had so much fun working on this and although it is not complete yet we loved the words of encouragement!  We will be sure to post one more picture when it is completely finished.
I also did some photos for this story by the lovely Sarah Henry for Berkeleyside.

Phew, this was a long one! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

14 July 2011


We discovered lots of nooks and crannies on our walk yesterday evening, we also stumbled across this quiet and empty playground in the middle of all the trees.  More pics soon.

12 July 2011

I Heart NY

Just thinking of a warm city night in NYC.  We've had a few chilly days here but I hope summer comes back soon.

09 July 2011

Good Morning!

Wish this was my breakfast right now!  My mom prepared this beautiful plate last time they visited.  Today is an outdoor project day.  I'm really excited about all the changes!  Will have some photos up soon enough! Ta ta for now.

04 July 2011

Happy Fourth

Hope you got to enjoy a little r & r.

03 July 2011

Vintage Sunday

Instead of showing you some of the usual Alameda flea market finds I wanted to post a photo I found while cleaning up recently.  Happy Sunday!
(photo is of me and my beautiful mother and two of my best friends in the background taken by my dad).

01 July 2011

Flora Grubb

Yesterday I stopped by Flora Grubb to get some garden inspiration and I was transported to a magical place.  I had not been here in over three years and the nursery has blossomed even more in to such a special place.  I didn't want to leave.  At every turn and corner there is an unexpected surprise and beautiful, beautiful displays of plants.  I truly think these are the happiest plants I have seen at a nursery.  It's almost sad to buy them and take them away because they look so beautiful in their environment.  All the people that I came across while slowly making my way through the garden gave me a lot of information and useful tips for taking care of plants.  I know there are a lot of pictures but hey, why not?  I can't wait to stop in again, this time it won't be three years in between!  Happy Fourth of July weekend.   

ps- I also took some photos for Berkeleyside here and here (only the portrait of the director on the second one).