14 February 2012

♥ Happy Birthday Sadie ♥

Four months ago I lost my dear girl Sadie.  Today she would have been 15.  I got her when she was 8 and half months old and she left me almost exactly 14 years later.  She became very ill from one day to the next.  It was very sudden and unexpected and completely broke my heart.  She was the light in my life and my soul.  These past few months without her have been so hard,  I never imagined my life without her.  To me she was a mythical creature that I feel so lucky to have had in my life and I just thought she would live forever.  She traveled with me all over the place and accompanied me five times back and forth across the U.S. From her home in Santa Fe to Virginia and Seattle, Montreal, Maryland, so many places in between and her final home in California.  She was the best friend I ever had.  She brought so much happiness and love in to my life and her absence has left a deep void inside me.  Although it is very difficult to write this I want to share how amazing and special she was and to celebrate her life and show all the people that she loved and loved her back.  My dearest Sadie you will always be in my heart now and forever.  I will be sharing a few more bits and pieces from my time with Sadie over the next few posts.  Happy Birthday Sadie.  I miss you little one.