30 July 2009

Bike Box

I love this beautiful bike box I saw parked outside the grocery store the other day. It reminded me of some beautiful old bikes I saw at the Japanese fish market in Tokyo last year! (bottom two pictures)

Beautiful Bird Species

I took these photos of the beautiful cases in The Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. a few weeks ago. Taxidermy is always a little strange and sad for me but somehow in a museum setting it seems to be appropriate. The last one is a beautiful now extinct species, The Carolina Parakeet. I hope to take better more clear pictures next time I visit.

29 July 2009

the ramp comes down!

after a long hard day's work with the our extreme gratitude for yoni and cynthia's incredible help, the ramp has come down and the backyard has been liberated! Sadie had a ton of fun exploring all her new nooks and crannies and even had an adventure in the crawl space. check out michael leaning against the fence we could barely even see before! Thank you soooo much cynthia and yoni!! (also, cynthia had the incredible idea of saving part of the ramp as seating! see below were we are enjoying a nice rest after a long day!)

fresh paint

We finished up a few more spaces with fresh paint, more to come....

01 July 2009

Photographer Alejandra Laviada

I love these photos by Alejandra Laviada. All images are from a series titled PHOTO SCULPTURES, except for the phones which are from the series JUAREZ 56. She is an artist born in Mexico City who studied at RISD. She is currently represented by Danziger Projects in NYC.