28 August 2012

Look who turned 3 months old

Wow, how time flies.  I am trying to keep up with this blog regularly but it is quite hard to find the time!  I am realizing if I want to get any posts done it is going to have to be late at night.  Posting might be a bit sporadic until I get back in to the swing of things but I will do my best!  Here's a sneak peak of Arrow and Jasper from yesterday.  I'm working on some photos of their first three months that I will be posting soon.  Plus I might fit in peeks of their nursery and a before/after of our bathroom redo....stay tuned!

15 August 2012

Terrain-Part II

And a few more shots from the grounds and the shop...

12 August 2012

Terrain-Part I

I was looking back at my last post before my big absence and saw that I was about to post some photos from my visit to Terrain last fall.  The nursery was in full fall splendor and absolutely beautiful.   I realize for most of us we are right in the thick of gorgeous warm summers but fall is right around the corner and will be here before we know it I'm sure.  So here is a little taste of fall from Terrain...

01 August 2012

Where Have I Been

It has been a long long time since I visited this space.  Many things have changed in my life since.  I have been mourning the loss of my beloved Sadie and working on a video.  I have finally narrowed it down to 400!! or so images and video footage.  As you can imagine I have my work cut out for me and have lots more cuts and edits to do so it may be some time before that is posted.

Another major thing in my life is that I had two beautiful baby boys!  TWINS!!  Very hard to believe still.  As you can imagine I have been kept very busy in their first two months of life ( I can't believe it has been two months already!!) and  I am just now stealing a few minutes to myself and hope to return to this blog with a little more frequency again.  I have missed being here. So without further ado I would like to introduce you to Arrow Wyatt and Jasper Caleb!  I'm sure there will be some more snippets and updates here and there so hopefully you'll check in from time to time.  XO