05 May 2009

happy cinco de mayo! here are some cool images i came across whilst surfing around. an artist in saskatchewan converted this abandoned farmhouse in to a life size dollhouse. She put plexiglass on the back of the house and staged the interior to look like a dollhouse circa the time the house was abandoned (1960's). very clever. i wish i lived closer to the border to check it out myself. i think the project actually happened a couple years back so i am curious if it is still there. i read about this first on the elle decoration south africa blog. in celebration of the first evening of my mini break i think it is time to have a toast with a frosty margarita on the rocks with salt, indeed!


brenda said...

wowser. so cool. Where are you taking your mini break??

lots of love, your big xoxo

brenda said...

ps - the "doll" house is AMAZING!

epita said...

Wish I could live there -- it looks so peaceful.