24 September 2009

Last Touches for Kitchen

My parents came to visit and were here for close to 5 days. With their help we were able to put some final touches on the kitchen! I am so excited that we finally have these shelves in place. It helps give a little extra counter space. Michael and my dad worked on setting up the studs for the shelves for a few days. They had to cut the wall out and reinforce with wood! And I am sooo excited that we finally finished the counter extension behind the stove. With some tips and pointers from my dad I was able to give this piece of wood Michael and I found, a natural stain and several coats of a water based satin finish seal. For the legs we had purchased several different legs to try from IKEA but none seemed quite right and I just couldn't get the idea of using the galvanized plumbing pipes out of my head. After a little elbow grease, a lot of measuring, and trips to home depot I think we got it just right! We were even able to make a foot rest for when you are sitting at the bar. (That was my mom's idea). My dad thought of the cute idea to use the reducers as feet! I love the end result!! I'm already thinking of new things I can make with the plumbing and have a little list going on in my head.



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