03 February 2010

Belinda Baggs and Photographer Dane Peterson

I am obsessed with this gorgeous photo of the awesome surfer, Belinda Baggs taken by her equally talented husband, Dane Peterson. The first time I heard about the couple was last summer when I was browsing some magazines and came across a beautiful story about them. I love everything about this photo, from the color of the water, to her surfing style, to the composition, it's perfection! She looks like she is surfing the wave without a board! I'm not sure which is the star here Belinda Baggs or the photographer, to me it is the best of both! Thank you sfgirlbybay and choka for introducing this photo to me!

Screen shot 2010-02-03 at 12.20.00 AM


epita said...

Beautiful! You're so right -- it does look like she is surfing without a board. I have never seen such a stunning color of the sea. She makes surfing look easy. The picture captures a feeling of serenity while at the same time is bursting with unseen energy. Thank you for sharing.

brenda said...

it's doesn't seem real, it's so magical.

i love that feeling when you actually catch a wave, it's like you are walking on water.

thanks for sharing. maybe we can surf together again.


Dustjacket Attic said...

This is just stunning, I love it.

seesaw designs said...