15 August 2010

National Gallery

I was very lucky to have a few hours on my mini break to slip away to the National Gallery.  In the midst of a heatwave and prime tourist time I was able to steal some quiet moments in one of my favorite places in the world:

national gallery

national gallery1

national gallery2

national gallery3


national gallery5

national gallery4

national gallery6

national gallery8

national gallery7
All photos by me.


Courtney Cerruti said...

How were able to capture that stillness, that holiness one feels in certain spaces? Museums are like church, like mausoleums... sometimes the presence of that makes me hold my breath. Beautiful imagery!!!

epita said...

My thoughts...exactly! Thank you, Christy, for these incredible pictures, and thank you, Courtney, for putting my feelings into words!

Mandy said...

Just beautiful, thanks for sharing !!!

milquetoast said...

S.A.G.!!! How did you manage to escape humans? So amazing.