23 September 2010

Back from Outer Space

Phew!!! I did not mean to fall off the blogging bandwagon like that!  It really just happened by accident! One thing led to another and here I am 3 weeks later with my first post since August!  Daily life happenings just snuck up on me and time zoomed by.  I have not had very much time on the computer these past few weeks as I have been busy with visits from family, home improvement projects, and enjoying the last of the official summer.  Although, here in Northern California, looks like we still have some beautiful warm weather coming our way.  There are some very strange weather patterns here indeed.  Not to worry, I've still been keeping my eye out for inspiration every where I go so I will be updating again with regular frequency.  I also have a very special vacation coming up in ONE week so keep posted for more on that!!!  XO!

Screen shot 2010-08-17 at 5.16.44 PM
photo by the incredible asa tällgård!!!


Nina said...

Welcome back!

Courtney Cerruti said...

Is this your Halloween costume?