10 October 2010

Back from Paris!

the trip was very magical with many special moments. i have so many pictures to share, but this may be one of my favorites, the beautiful denni from chicmuse.  i will be posting many more soon once i have organized myself.  for now it is some laundry and fighting a very bad cold i picked up on my last day there...a bientôt!



epita said...

Welcome back, Christina! Who is the lovely young woman of your great photo? I am looking forward to seeing your new postings with photos from your trip to Paris, etc.

Please take care of that cold with lots of rest and fluids -- I have heard that a little bit of "vanilla 5" ice cream really may help.

Au revoir!

elena said...

I can't wait to see your pics from Paris Christina! I know you got some beautiful shots! I hope there's one of you sipping an espresso at a French cafe looking tres chic! ;)

Courtney Cerruti said...