02 January 2011

New Year's Day Fun








Yesterday afternoon we took Sadie on a walk in San Francisco.  It was cold, windy, and rainy but also incredibly beautiful. With a fresh rain everything was incredibly vibrant and green.  We came across this cool installation in the Presidio created for the American Robin by Philippe Becker Design.  The phrases describe robin behavior and the letters are filled with straw which provides nesting material for the robins.  The creaking of the tall trees above and the birds singing happily all around created a very magical environment.


epita said...

WOW...what a beautiful set of pictures!!! We delighted so much in seeing them and, for sure, we will be looking at them over and over again. There is so much beauty in nature and you have the gift of bringing up that beauty for us to enjoy.
Epito and Epita

elena said...

Gorgeous! Do you mind if I use one of these images for my "Image of the Day" on my blog? Your work definitely needs to be shared! You have an amazing eye Christina! :)

kiki said...

Thank you Elena & Epita!!! You guys are toooooo kind! (PS-Elena, I would love that!!!)