14 February 2011

Happy Birthday Sadie





The many faces of Sadie!  Today is Sadie's "golden" birthday, 14 on the 14th.  She is my sweet little valentine and I can't imagine my life without her.  I feel so lucky to have had her by my side all these years, words can't even describe. She is the most loyal friend, an old soul, and she is full of unconditional love.  As she gets older she acts more like a puppy than ever before.  She dances for her food and even jumps off the front porch landing to the walkway! Happy Birthday Spoon and to many more!! 


Michael said...

Happy birthday to an amazing pup! It's a wonderful thing to share a life and a home with her.

Anonymous said...

To the most beautiful "Golden Girl" on her "Golden Birthday"
Happy Birthday, sweet Valentina, and many more. I love your "smiling face!"

Courtney Cerruti said...

Happy Birthday Sadie-Cakes!

elena said...

How funny, Mochi's birthday is on Valentines day too! Well I don't know when it is exactly, but it was on Valentines day that I took her home from the humane society. So that's the day I consider to be her first. ;)

brenda said...

happy belated birthday sadie lady!!