01 July 2011

Flora Grubb

Yesterday I stopped by Flora Grubb to get some garden inspiration and I was transported to a magical place.  I had not been here in over three years and the nursery has blossomed even more in to such a special place.  I didn't want to leave.  At every turn and corner there is an unexpected surprise and beautiful, beautiful displays of plants.  I truly think these are the happiest plants I have seen at a nursery.  It's almost sad to buy them and take them away because they look so beautiful in their environment.  All the people that I came across while slowly making my way through the garden gave me a lot of information and useful tips for taking care of plants.  I know there are a lot of pictures but hey, why not?  I can't wait to stop in again, this time it won't be three years in between!  Happy Fourth of July weekend.   

ps- I also took some photos for Berkeleyside here and here (only the portrait of the director on the second one).

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Kristina said...

wow, such a pretty place! love gardens and potted plants, so this is heaven for me!! thanks for showing us all those great pictures!