10 October 2012

Beautiful Sadie

It has been exactly one year since my beautiful Sadie passed away.  Although the house is no longer quiet her presence is deeply missed.   I have slowly been working on a video of my own but it is very emotionally challenging so until then I hope you will enjoy this beautiful little video that my sister made for me last year in honor of Sadie.  I miss you so much beautiful girl it seems like an eternity since I have seen you.... my heart is with you always.


epita said...

Our hearts miss you and ache without your lovely presence, darling Sadie but, at the same time, the beautiful memories of so many great times spent together fill our hearts with joy and peace, Thank you, Sadie, for all the good times spent together.

Elena said...

So sweet. In time you won't feel as sad when you think of your Sadie. Just happy thoughts and memories. :)

P.s. I had no idea Michael had such long hair??!!