15 December 2009

Blue to Brown

Remember this? I painted this room probably around the beginning of the year. After I painted the room I thought I just needed some time for it to grow on me. Turns out it never grew on me. I have recently repainted the room to a soft brown color and what a difference it has made. The room feels so much warmer and welcoming. As much as I love blue for rooms I just did not get the right shade and I think I'll be needing a break from the color for a bit. Here is a shot of the newly painted room taken this morning. It's hard to capture the true shade on camera but you can get an idea. Note: Sadie in the exact same spot, what a Sadie! I also finally got around to framing some photos I had taken in Italy many years back during Angel and Heidi's wedding!





Michael said...

I must admit, the new brown looks a lot better than the old sky blue! :)

Christina Diaz said...

why thank you sir!