15 December 2009

Tail of the Yak

I was just at one of my favorite little shops in Berkeley, Tail of the Yak, a few weeks ago. The store is a bit of a curiosity shop filled with all kinds of interesting little findings, jewelry, housewares, and paper things. They told me they would be decorating the shop for the holidays coming up so I had to go back to get a peak at their decor. They allowed me to take pictures but somehow I still felt a bit guilty taking them because everything is so precious and perfect I almost felt I was stealing the scenes. So I took a few quick ones, since they had allowed me but some are a bit blurry. You definitely feel as if you have traveled back in time when you enter. Everything from the cute little doorbell sign right outside asking you to please ring in french, to the very friendly people that work there, to the items that seem to have come from an era long ago. You kinda get the feeling that you want to stay and explore a while. They have a beautiful book from the Victorian times behind the counter that has about 20-40 pages of pressed sea flora framed in tiny vignettes. You really have to see it to appreciate it. I always find a little postcard or something fun when I'm in, somehow the most ordinary item seems so special. I also happened to pick up a little surprise for my 6 year old niece that I think she will love!





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