17 May 2010

Backyard Progress Sneak Peak 2.0

This weekend we put some more time and sweat into the backyard.  Here are some shots of a few things we managed to complete:
In the distance you can see Michael put the plants in the ground!  They were pretty desperate to get in to the ground.

Here is a close up of his hard work.  He used some of the old bricks we found in the backyard when we took the ramp down.  They keep showing up in the most random places.  He even found one 1 foot deep in the soil when he was making a hole for a plant! I think the border looks beeaautiful! If you look closely you can see we also put in some fun solar lights!

Here is a shot of his veggie garden.  He got these bamboo stakes for the snap peas yesterday at a beautiful local nursery called Flowerland.  I wish they had a website that I could link to because they had some beautiful plants and garden things.  Maybe I will go back and take some pictures....


Lastly, I finally painted the shed!  We thought we would do a fun color for now and some plants would stand out nicely against the dark color.  I was also able to paint the fence yesterday.  I'm not crazy about the color and wish it was just natural wood, but for now it was the quickest and most budget friendly way to get rid of the red. 


Hope you like the updates!  Sorry the pictures are a little dull I was rushing to take them before it rained! More to come as we finish up.....


Temps perdu said...

You´ve done a fantastic job, congratulations!

epita said...

A lot of work, but the results are nice! Enjoy.

justagirl05 said...

It looks great Christina! I love the colors you painted the shed, so cheery and bright. Love it. :)

xyQ said...

nice colors on the shed!