13 May 2010

Backyard Progress Sneak Peak

Michael and I have been busy bees trying to get the back once junk yard into a garden. Now that the warm weather is upon us we have been working every weekend trying to complete it so that we can enjoy some of this lovely weather.  The last few weekends have made a huge difference and Michael has worked so hard hauling the heavy stuff, getting rid of the junk, and tending to his vegetable garden.  Here are a few shots of the progress so far, hopefully we will have some new updates after the weekend.


Michael pulling weeds.


We rented a pressure washer and gave the concrete a nice wash.  It made a world of difference.  I knew it was dirty but really check out these before and afters.  Both sides are still wet.  But the left side is before,  the right side is after.  I think the concrete was glowing when we were done!  It was so satisfying to wash.  Next time we will power wash the driveway.



Sadie supervising the activity from her perch.

Next, we brought in some beautiful plants.  This one is called a smoke bush.  I love the deep purple color.  Now we just need to plant them.


We also put in many many bags of D.G. (decomposed granite) in this beautiful deserty color.


Last but not least we finally got a few pieces to sit down proper.  Can't wait until we are done!!  More updates to come.

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epita said...

What an amazing job you have done in your backyard! I love the before and after photos -- they reveal how hard you have worked to make it look so nice. Glad to see that Sadie is happily supervising all the work. The new plants are pretty and will complement everything so well. I love the D.G!It seems you will soon be finished with most of the hard work; it will feel good to be able to sit down with a good cup of coffee, tea, or a nice glass of wine and enjoy the fruit of your labor... Salud!