25 May 2011

In the Garden With: Tracey Dupre

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to spend an afternoon with Tracey in her beautiful garden!  Her and her partner in crime, Jim have created a magical space in their backyard and are truly the definition of urban farmers.  Tracey, assisted by cute little Parker, gave me a tour through their garden and I discovered many surprises at every turn.  On top of being the most gracious host and making one of the best tasting pizzas I have ever had with ingredients straight from her garden she has also agreed to a little mini interview (a first for my blog)!

How long have you been gardening for and do you have any advice for urban gardens?
12 years. From a porch in Boston with Astro Turf and plastic flamingos to L.A. container boot camp (it's a desert!) to a lovely yard in the east bay! Don't be shy, you can fit a lot of plants in small spaces!

Which three words best describe how you feel when you are in your garden or gardening?
Contemplative, relaxed and hungry!

What is your favorite thing about your garden?
The sense of fulfillment on all levels.

How many different varieties of fruits/vegetables are you growing (roughly, I know you have a lot!)?
Just a hair over 50 edible varieties!

How do you get your hair to be sooo shiny??!!! ( you don't have to answer this :))
Life force of Magpies!

Tracey also runs a beautiful blog and makes beautiful things! Thank you so much Tracey!!!


milquetoast said...

Whoa! Pretty greens, cute doggie and a goofy girl! Thanks Goody!

Courtney said...

wow!!!!!! gorgeous!!!!!

elena said...

This is so great! I love it! It's inspiring too! Though I don't have a backyard,but if I did, I would totally consider growing my own fruit/vegetables. ;) Thanks ladies!

Maura said...

i love this! look at Tracey in her fancy in that beauty of a dress! It's just "gorg" ;)
great post!

epita said...

Christina, what a lovely and inspirational post --I have looked at it several times and the more I look at it, the more I like it! Tracey is a very talented, glamorous and industrious person. I love all the pictures and her puppy is adorable! Thank so much for sharing all this beauty with all of us!