15 May 2011

Outerlands for Brunch

The Outerlands is one of my top favorite spots for brunch.  I love the whole experience from driving out to the Sunset to the look and feel of the place itself.  It is filled with warm wood accents and delicious smells from the kitchen.  It is the perfect cozy spot to step in to after waiting outside in the cool foggy weather or on a warmer day sitting outside on the sunny sidewalk.  My absolute favorite item is the french toast which is infused with orange and made from the bread that is made in their own kitchen.  Delish!!!


elena said...

I want to eat here! I think I need to check this place out. Looks DE-licious! :)

epita said...

A bi-sensory experience -- my eyes delighted in the beautiful photos of this lovely place and my taste buds wanted to try some of the food -- especially the French toast! Would love to go there next time we visit!

Maura said...

ugh!! you just know the bestest spots to go to for brunch!