23 October 2009

ABC Carpet & Home

WOW! Where do I even begin to describe the awesomeness that is ABC Carpet & Home. This magical place is located in Midtown Manhattan near Union Square. It is a 6 story dream dedicated to magical homewares. I was only able to get a few pictures in before I think the store peeps thought I was perhaps taking photos for a competitor or something of the sorts. I really wanted to photograph the whole thing but alas I refrained as I was scared to get the boot. The pictures of the rugs are completely unaltered. The ikat rugs, patchwork rugs, and single dyed rugs were my favorite! They really are that bright and vivid, maybe even more so in person, if that is even possible. Plus, check out those Madeline Weinrib textiles in the bottom picture! I have only ever visited the website and dreamed of one day seeing it in person...here are a few pictures to enjoy!

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Bonnie said...

These pictures are beautiful!