01 October 2009

Hallway Redo

I also repainted the little hallway between the office and bedroom yesterday. It was kind of a weird purplish color that just never felt right. I repainted it in the same color as the back room, and definitely think it has a more striking effect. Today I am going to work on a little before and after project on the hallway closet. I think it is going to take me a little longer than planned. I will post before and afters when I complete it! Wish me luck!




epita said...

WOW!!! The new roof looks great. What color are you choosing for the trims?

Bonnie said...


I love your blog. The pictures are beautiful, and I absolutely love what you've done with the house.

The roof looks great!


heather jenkinson said...

Hey, what are the colours you've used here? The two you're showing here, work really well together. You've got great taste. H

kiki said...

Hi Heather,

The two colors are both by Benjamin Moore. The lighter one is Sandlot Gray and the darker one is Iron Mountain. I'm glad you liked them!! Have a great week.