10 January 2010

John Robshaw Textiles

John Robshaw is one of my favorite textile designers. I love the feeling I get of far away places, traveling, and daydreaming from his textiles. He uses traditional techniques and skilled artisans to fulfill his visions. He has been inspired by his travels and the studying of various traditional printing methods. He likes the textiles to have a human touch and I think they certainly do. Here are some images from his website. The upholstered pieces are a collaboration between John Derian's furniture made by Cisco Brothers covered with John Robshaw fabrics. There are also several images of his colorful bedding and dhurries. The set of square "tiles" are actually swatches of his linen blend fabrics. I would love to have some curtains made out of those gorgeous fabrics! The portrait is from this month's House Beautiful and is by the incredibly talented Jessica Antola. Enjoy!





emma wallace said...

Oh, these are so amazing! I love the color palette and the unexpected patterns.


La Dolfina said...

Hi Christina,
Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
After posting this morning I clicked over to visit your blog and couldn't believe that you had recently posted about John Robshaw! Definitely like minded we are :)
It was so nice to have met you and I think I will be seeing you soon as I need to return one of the things I purchased yesterday! Maybe if I time it right we can grab a cup of coffee!!
Have a lovely day :)