09 January 2010

Winter Blues

It came out of nowhere and took me totally by surprise, I thought I was being careful and washing my hands all the time and taking extra vitamin C but I guess sometimes there is just no avoiding it. This morning I woke up with a monster cold. It has definitely gotten the better of me. I thought since we are kind of getting into the heart of winter all across I would post some wintery images I took on the east coast. These are somewhere between or around the Canadian/US Border.









Welcome Home said...

Blimey, and I thought it was cold where I live.... I take it back. Suddenly I feel like I could go out in a t-shirt and shorts (well maybee not) but after looking at beautiful winter shots I will not complain any more

epita said...

BRRR! It's so cold in our area, too, that I am actually looking forward to summer time! But winter also brings us the opportunity to slow down and enjoy a different gift from Mother Nature, as your pictures so well captured. I hope you are feeling better today.

Christina Diaz said...

Thank you both so much! More winter scenes to come!