28 January 2010

Heinold's First and Last Chance Bar

The other night Michael and I found this little bar when we were out exploring for a quiet place out of the way. Well, this place definitely fit the bill. The night we went it was perfectly cold and foggy and we even got a little lost trying to find it. The moment we stepped into the place it felt quite magical. The floor immediately slopes downward and the bar and stools sit on the tilt as well. I think after a few beers it all starts to feel quite normal! The place is teeny tiny holding only 3 tables, some standing room and a few bar seats. There is so much character and history in this little place, it's really quite special. When I went back to photograph it the bartender was so nice he even gave me homemade treats to give to Sadie. I can't wait to go back, it will have to be cold and foggy and I will have an Irish Coffee...




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