11 March 2010

Banana Toast and Coconut Tea

Breakfast this morning. I just have to share about banana toast. Created by my sister, Brenda, she first made this for me when I visited her in New Zealand. Sometimes I forget about banana toast and then all of a sudden I can't get enough! First, you gotta start with a nice good quality whole grain bread. It can be rustic or sliced, the heartier the better. Next, you toast it to perfection; I prefer mine a little extra toasted. Then you slice up a sweet banana nice and thin and kinda smoosh it on to the bread. Next you drizzle with olive oil, yes, olive oil! For the final and absolutely necessary touch you sprinkle generously with pink himalayan sea salt, it's best if you can grind it coarsely but fine granules will work deliciously too. Voila, banana toast! This was definitely one of my favorite creations of hers. Go ahead, try it, I promise you will love it! Thanks Brenda!



Anonymous said...

I've never tried that combination before. It looks really good.

epita said...

Hmmmm.....banana toast, with olive oil and salt -- sounds weird but the picture makes it look awesome. I'll have to ask my new cook (Dad) about trying it for me to help me feel better sooner. Thanks for the idea and for the endorsement. I'll let you now the results.
LOL, Epita

Jeremy and Kathleen said...

This looks simple and delightful. I love the olive oil twist!

Melanie M said...

Gosh, that just looks so delectably delicious! I think I'll try that! Maybe with some jam or honey, too! :)


epita said...

I tried it and it was scrumptious! My expectations were high but I was not disappointed. The "Banana Toast" will be queen in our kitchen for many years to come and will be served to special guests for several reasons: easy to prepare, nutritious, pretty to look at, and you can eat more than one! Long live the BT Queen!!!

Courtney Cerruti said...

That looks delicious!!!!

brenda said...

yea, for happy, delicious, good food that makes you smile. LOVE the photo. mmmmm....yummy.

AND thanks for the shout out sis! xx B

ps - another tasty creation I am currently addicted too:

guacamole with fresh cut mango, yellow pepper, olive oil, pinch of sea salt - eaten with fresh chips (as they can only really make them in Mexico). ahhhhh :-)