30 March 2010

Wicked Turbulence

Holy Sh*t!!! We just had the craziest turbulence. You'll have to pardon my "language" but I thought we were going down. The plane dropped at least 10 ft and people were being tossed around like rag dolls. Ok, maybe not quite rag dolls, but almost. My laptop bounced off the table. I cried. A little. But there were definitely tears. Fear tears. And shaking, lots of shaking. Did I have the wherewithal to take pictures in this moment of terror you ask? No, no I didn't. But I did stage a recreation for your viewing pleasure.






Courtney Cerruti said...

Christina... Are you okay? How scary!!!!
We miss you!

epita said...

Hi Christina, this was not a good way to start your vacation but the staging of the turbulence inside the airplane is incredible! I am so glad that everything is OK and that you arrived sound and safe to your destination. When are you planning on taking those pictures of the cherry blosssoms? I am looking forward to more vacation updates.

Jamie Watson said...

You are so creative - I have never seen anyone photograph turbulence. Love it (though of course, am sorry you had to go through it).

brenda said...

eeeeeee. how scary! I'm glad that everything turned out ok!!

big kiss. xoxoxox