04 April 2010

The Country Bunny

What better time to talk about one of my all time favorite books as a little one than Easter! The Country Bunny is a gorgeous book first published in 1939. The illustrations are just as beautiful and vibrant today as when I first laid my eyes on them as a bebe. The illustrations are by the incredibly talented Marjorie Flack and the story written by DuBose Heyward. It is the story of a country bunny mother of 21 bunnies who is given the high honor of being the Easter Bunny. Even though she has a lot of responsibility as the mother of 21 babes she still manages to succeed in her mission! The lively illustrations and story will always hold a special place in my heart. Happy Easter.


the country bunny

the country bunny1

the country bunny2

the country bunny3

the country bunny4


epita said...

This is the best Easter Bunny story! I am so glad to see it in your blog -- I loved it!!!

milquetoast said...

With GOLD shoes, of course!!!

kiki said...

Very interesting Tracey! I never thought about this, but seeing as how it was such a memorable book for me I can see how this may have played a part in my love for all shoes metallic!!!

Jamie Watson said...

Oh my gosh - thank you. I had completely forgotten about this book but loved it as a child. I am going to find a copy.

brenda said...

oh wow... thanks for posting this! I loved being reminded of this beautiful book. I'll have to get a copy for Nayou! xoxox