17 April 2010

This Morning

Yesterday my friend Courtney showed me an amazing application she had for taking phone pictures. I could not believe how cool the photos were. I told Michael about the pictures but couldn't find anything like that for my phone. He did a little research and was able to find me this incredible application and I have been obsessed ever since. This morning I took over 100+ photos. Sadie is the obvious star today but I couldn't resist. Here are some of the results....







epita said...

Amazing pictures, indeed! Sadie is such a pro at posing for you -- I think she loves to be photographed. Send more, please!!!

Courtney Cerruti said...

I love those pics! I love all the variation you get with one app!!!! It's scary that somedays I prefer my iphone pics to my camera!!! Shh, don't tell.

MzElena23 said...

This app is so much fun! Can't wait to take some more pics with it! ;)