09 April 2010

House Tour

Here are some pictures I took of the gorgeous Casa Daniela in Sayulita. It had so many open spaces, and beautiful tile laid out throughout the house. I loved all the bright colors, textiles, art, and artisan pieces they used to style the house. I wish I had taken more pictures but I felt I was lucky enough to get a spontaneous tour, I didn't want to push my luck.  I do think this gives you a good idea of the interior at least!

house tour

house tour1

house tour5

house tour2


house tour3

house tour4

house tour6


epita said...

It is absolutely beautiful! I wish I had also seen it while we were in Sayulita, but the photos more than make up for it. Is this house kept as a museum or is someone living there? Thanks, Christina, for sharing.

MT said...

Just gorgeous! I love the shot or the stairs!! Thanks for sharing. :)