19 June 2010

Alexander McQueen

Here are some of my favorite looks from Alexander McQueen's last collection, Fall 2010 RTW.  I am in awe of his genius manipulation of fabrics, use of color, and extraordinary imagination.  The last shot is by Annie Leibovitz for the July 2010 Vogue.  I think it really captures the idea of each of his pieces being a work of art and the end of a rare and magnificent talent.



Top four photos by Christopher Moore. Last photo by Annie Leibovitz.


Courtney Cerruti said...

Oh my GOD! These are amazing! (two overly repeated phrases thank you to Anthro)

Now I know what you are Tracey are referring to!

epita said...

This is much more than a beautiful photograph array of lovely models wearing incredibly gorgeous designs, this is an amazing art display that never gets old. I love it!

elena said...

Gorgeous! R.I.P A.McQueen. Such a great loss to the art/fashion world.