10 June 2010

Urban Garden

I walked by this beautiful sidewalk garden yesterday afternoon, it stopped me in my tracks! I took over 60 pictures, here are a few...Now THIS is urban gardening!!!


urban garden1

urban garden


Anonymous said...

wow! truly beautiful composition....i am inspired! Christina- by the way...I will be moving into YOUR old place on greene in August! (-;....perhaps i will create a little balcony garden there...keep up the beautiful photography & postings...

Anonymous said...

Christina, I agree with Fanny -- Totally!!!
When are you going to post the rest of these incredible pictures?
Can't wait to see them all.

Anonymous said...

wow this garden is amazing! so pretty i could only wish to have something half as nice as this one ;)

hope you are well, dear!

kiki said...

Thanks guys!!!

Fanny- I am so excited for you! That is such a beautiful apartment. I'm sure you will be very happy there!

Micaela-So nice to hear from you!! Hope you are also well!