26 June 2010

Fairytale Cottage

I love this tiny cottage transformation in the New York mountains. The owner redid the entire cottage for $3000! I am so impressed by her vision and craftsmanship! She sourced all the furnishings from flea markets including the windows and porch columns. She cut the holes in the walls, installed the windows, built the porch, she really did the whole thing all by herself. The result is like a magical little getaway from dreams. One day I hope to have a little studio in the middle of the woods (maybe just a tad less on the ubergirlie side) but somehow I think i will have to make sure it's got some plumbing and a little heat source for cold wintery nights...

Untitledtiny victorian cottage

Untitledtiny victorian cottage2

Untitledtiny victorian cottage1

Screen shot 2010-06-25 at 4.29.12 PM

Screen shot 2010-06-25 at 4.29.00 PM

All photos by Trevor Tondro for the New York Times.


epita said...

Absolutely delightful! What a splendid jewel...It's like visiting a "fairy tale" and never wanting to leave it. No wonder you'd like to have one. I think I might want to have one, too! Of course, plumbing and heating would be a must.

Courtney Cerruti said...

Beautiful! When can I move in???
This seems like the perfect retreat for any adult who still has the wonder and curiosity of childhood alive in them.... I know you would do well there :)